¥25,920 ¥18,144 (税込)



High-performance jersey designed to be worn almost all year round, thanks to versatile and durable Merino and nylon microfibre blend. Engineered for the typical road-cycling position, it features a classic, elegant bi-color silhouette and is packed with technical features for the discerning female rider.

key features:

  • female specific cut;
  • body-hugging, ergonomic Contour fit;
  • Merino and nylon microfibre fabric bring you the best of both worlds in terms of classic performance and durability;
  • “raglan”-shaped sleeves are designed for the typical road cycling position;
  • four back pockets, one zippered and race radio/phone compatible;
  • highly visible 3M reflective elements;
  • anatomically-shaped collar with integral chin-saver;
  • high quality, Japan-made YKK camlock zippers;
  • spf factor 50+;
  • recommended temperature range: between 16 and 25 degrees Celsius (alone) or between 12 and 20 degrees Celsius with 4-seasons arm screens and UltraLeggera base layer or between 8 and 16 degrees Celsius with 4-seasons arm screens and Merino Base Layer.



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